Jose Gimeno S.L. is a family dedicated to the preparation and selling of citrus fruits, located in the town of Silla (Valencia). Its activity dates since 1983, where they initially started working with a wide range of fruits and vegetables originated in the local area, region called “L’Horta de Valencia“. After that time, the company specialized in handling and commercializing citrus, gradually abandoning the rest of fruits and vegetables that initially served as the basis to settle what nowadays is Jose Gimeno SL.

Access and facilities

Located in the Industrial area L’Alteró, next to the main roads of the south area of the city of Valencia and next to the commercial harbor of the same town, Jose Gimeno SL enjoys excellent access to its facilities; bordering the east with the Silla’s track located about 50 m approximately away and the west by the N-340 Alicante / Albacete located about 300 m.

Jose Gimeno S.L has facilities with a surface area of 6000 m2, and a large waiting area for loading and unloading of 5000 m2, which allows comfortable vehicles movements in all types of operations.